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Negozio dello Château du Bois al Museo della Lavanda del Luberon

Ogni giorno condividiamo con voi la nostra passione per questo fiore blu delicato.

Nato nel cuore dell'Alta Provenza, dualche millennio fa, ci offre i suoi benefici e tutto il suo fascino con la sua deliziosa fragranza del Sud della Francia.

Contattateci per qualsiasi richiesta o domanda, altrimenti lasciatevi sedurre attraverso il nostro sito dalla collezione di cosmetici biologici e profumi di nicchia che sviluppiamo nel massimo rispetto della natura.

Negozio dello Château du Bois al Museo della Lavanda del Luberon

Scoprite l'emblematico negozio del Museo della Lavanda del Luberon e i suoi prodotti locali certificati biologici, vegani ed etici, provenienti esclusivamente dalla nostra tenuta di coltivazione della lavanda, Château du Bois...
Sélection pour les sportifs avec le gel pour les muscles et les articulations, l'huile de massage confort musculaire, et la savon pur végétal lavande fine


Di riferimento -SPORTIFS
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Gli atleti esperti e meno esperti apprezzeranno l'efficacia delle formule incluse in questo coffret, sviluppate specificamente per il recupero e il sollievo muscolare.

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Advanced and non-advanced sportspeople will appreciate the effectiveness of the formulas composing this gift box and made for relieving and soothing muscles. The specific action of the sports-gel and our massage oil is due to the high concentration of active ingredients that allow your muscles to rest and quickly recover thanks to the fine lavender, the arnica, the meadowsweet, and the harpagophytum it contains. This "Muscular comfort" duo is presented with our fine lavender plant-based soap in its travel box, in order to offer you a complete giftbox, to please everyone's wellbeing.


The giftbox contains 3 products :



- This gel is made for sportspeople, its guarantees a faster recovery after sports.

This skincare formulated with PDO fine lavender essential oil, organic rosemary, meadowsweet and arnica for a total of 14% active ingredients, allows you to soothe and helps against tensed and tired muscles.

The formula, made with aloe vera gel, plant made glycerin, sesame oil and plant based squalene made from olives, for a total of 82% ingredients coming from certified organic farming, makes it a top product in its category.

Refreshing, it quickly gives you a well being effect. With this gel, you will even more appreciate the after effort feeling and recovery time.

How to use it : apply and massage a little amount on the dedicated spot. Do not rince. Non sticky gel. Do not use on the face and mucous areas. Careful, this product contains 1.5% Menthol.



For massages aiming to be 100% natural - 50ml

A massage is not just about good gestures, its a me-time. We dim the light, turn the phone off and lock the door.

At home, a good massage is given by friendly or loving hands. It starts at the bottom of your feet and ends at your head, while insisting on thhe back and arround our joints to fee our tensions.

No need for precise gestures nor tutoring : being willing to give pleasure  are your hands best allie.

A good massage relaxes and makes you tired.  So do not plan a busy day afterwards _ its is time to rest, and why not get some beauty sleep while at it ?

The final word of nature, grape seed oil, sesame oil, apricot kernel oil, borage oil… exclusively nourishing and moisturizing** ingredients. This oil is particularly effective in relieving muscle pains and aches thanks to the properties of fine lavender 3%, as well as to the arnica and the meadowsweet (5%). Carefully formulated for a pleasant and effective massage.

Ideally applied after a bath.



This travelling soap can be taken on journeys but can also be very useful at home. It’s kept in a smart white round customised box with gold letters made by Le Château du Bois. The box conserves the natural scent of the soap. It’s very practical as the 100gr. soaps that are sold individually fit in it and can be used for refills. Daily usage of the soap should guarantee a smooth "washing" of the skin, as the vegetal palm and copra oil base enriched with shea butter (1%) and fine lavender essential oil A.O.P. conform well with the nature of the skin and release a relaxing scent in a dense foam that is easy to rinse off. Natural colourings.





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