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Shop le Château du Bois at the Luberon Lavender Museum

Each day, we share with you our passion for this delicate bleue flower.

Born thousands years ago in the heart of Haute-Provence, it offers us its benefits and all of its charm with its delicious perfume representing south of France.

Contact us for any request or questions, or let yourself be seduced by the organic cosmetics range and niche perfumes we elaborate while having the greatest respect of nature.

Shop le Château du Bois at the Luberon Lavender Museum

Discover the emblematic shop of the Luberon Lavender Museum and its certified organic, vegan and ethical local products exclusively from our lavender-growing estate, Château du Bois...
» How much Taxes for shipping to the US ?
How much Taxes for shipping to the US ?

When we send to the United States, the price of the products is exclusive of French tax.

For example, the essential oil of fine lavender 250ml costs 220 € in France, when it is sent to countries outside the European Union, the price is 183.33 €.

We must add the shipping costs which are 55 € by the Fedex carrier.


When the package arrives in the US, US customs may ask you to pay US VAT + customs tax.


 "sales tax" are set by each state, the indications that we have in France are between 0% and 9% depending on the American states.


For customs clearance, we do not have precise information, but depending on the product it can range between 0 and 10%

All taxes are requested by the Fedex carrier.

Sometimes packages are cleared customs without paying tax. It all depends on the customs offices in each state.


We apologize for not being able to be more specific.

Our North American customers tell us that as the product is exempt from French tax, the price compensates for customs clearance costs.