MUSEE DE LA LAVANDE LUBERON- 276 Route de Gordes -CS50016- 84220 COUSTELLET

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Perfume has great history tracing back to the origins of civilisations. Perfume has been used in religious cercles, therapeutic uses, and for seduction. The word "perfume", composed of latin word "per" meaning "going through"  and "fumum", "smoke" stands for "what exhales in space like smoke". It defines a positive and strong fragrance. Let our perfume dive you into the world of fine lavender.


A word to present our "Nose", creating our perfumes : Elisabeth Proal. She is a master and specialist in natural ingredients, and signed our Lavender collection, our Authentic collection and our home perfume. Provence's landscapes and our sustainable Fine Lavender universe inspire her in her creations. Between heritage and modernity, each perfume is unique and reveals the pleasure of a confidential and intimare perfume.