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Shop le Château du Bois at the Luberon Lavender Museum

Each day, we share with you our passion for this delicate bleue flower.

Born thousands years ago in the heart of Haute-Provence, it offers us its benefits and all of its charm with its delicious perfume representing south of France.

Contact us for any request or questions, or let yourself be seduced by the organic cosmetics range and niche perfumes we elaborate while having the greatest respect of nature.

Shop le Château du Bois at the Luberon Lavender Museum

Discover the emblematic shop of the Luberon Lavender Museum and its certified organic, vegan and ethical local products exclusively from our lavender-growing estate, Château du Bois...
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Our shops

Museum shops - 100% fine lavender producer

The Atmosphere in our Le Château du Bois Boutiques dive you into our fine lavender universe, all exclusively grown and distilled on our Le Château Du Bois family owned lavender estate. Our Boutiques Identities : noble and softly colorfull has been though of by Jean-Paul Camargo from Saluces Agency in Avignon, working closely with Jack and Sophie Lincelé for many years. Their collaboration aims to think every detail through for the custumers well-being.

These cosy spaces invite you to relax and test the benefits, appreciated the textures of our organic and vegan cosmetics, discocver niche fragrances, differenciate the perfume of PDO Haute-Provence lavender harvest "crus" one year from another, in a warm and relaxing atmosphere, while tasting a herbal lavender tea.

When Jack and Sophie talk about their Museum Boutique : "We want every visitor and customer to feel at home, to have a perfumed break, to have a real olfactory experience discoring each product of our natural and organic lines. Each member of our Lavender Team does an extraordinary job and takes care of all our custumers with passion, advise and expertise. 

We are very lucky to master every step and development process of our products, and to work with the best natural ingredients. Hier to a traditional know-how, we want to transmit and share the unbelievable numerous wellbeing properties of officinalis lavender with every visitor : this is the cultural and authentic spirit of the Lavender Museum flasgship store, which is the leitmotiv in every Le Château Du Bois Boutiques."

Museum shops - 100% fine lavender producer

Frequently asked questions
Are you Open ?

Our Cultural Lavender Museum venue and its boutique are closed due to the current sanitary measures.

However, we are happy to open our boutique upon appointment from Mondays to Fridays, from 8:30am to 12:30pm and from 1:pm to 5:30pm until the re-opening of our Lavender Museum - forcast Spring 2021.

Please contact us per phone 00 33 4 90 76 91 23 or per mail boutique@museedelalavande.com

You can also choose to order your favorite lavender products online and choose to collect them on site.

To access our office, please take the third gate, located at the opposite of our 2 main gates.

Thank you for your understanding, and we hopefully sill see you soon.


I usually order on lechateaudubois.fr ; must I recreate an account ?

Yes, the RGPD law does not allow us to transfer your information without your consent.

We suggest you keep the same email and password to log in, because the two online shops are completely independent.


Why did you create a Lavender Museum webshop ?

So that our Lavender Museum visitors find us more easily on the world wide web ! Indeed, only our organic brand with the same name as our lavender estate Le Château du Bois was referenced under lechateaudubois.fr ,  but the link between our lavender estate and our lavender museum Luberon was not always clear to all, thus we created our online lavender museum shop.

Where are the products shipped from ?

Each order is prepared with the greatest care in Coustellet, by our logistic Manager. The gifts are wrapped inside the Lavender Museum Boutique. Each package is given to the Post in Coustellet-Maubec, except for Fedex shipping, where a fedex delivery Person collects the packages at the Museum.


Are the products



  • The Lavender essential oil from haute-provence PDO is distilled at Le Château du Bois where we grow our 110 hectares fine lavender fields in lagarde d'Apt, in Vaucluse.
  • Our cosmetic laboratory is located in Frocalquier, in the Alpes of Haute-Provence.
  • Our Perfumes are miwed with alcool in vallauris in the Alpes Maritimes.
  • We package some products in Carpentras, in the Vaucluse 
  • Our packagings are sourced within France : packagins, labels, bottles are made in France. Only one particular perfume bottle is sourced in Italy.

All our packagings are checked to be recycled by Ecocert :  http://certificat.ecocert.com/client.php?source=recherche&id=C48323EB-7B95-42D5-AA43-1D17C9E455D5

  • All our documentation are printed in Apt or in Avignon on recycled paper and "imprim'vert" label. Vanities and bags are sourced in Marseille 
  • Our bee keeper is our neighbour located Route de Gordes, same adress as our Lavender Museum. Our Lavender Honey is bottled by the Roumanière collaborative workshop in Robion 

We are very "local" , not just to reduce our environmental impact, but also because we like working with local partners.


How much Taxes for shipping to the US ?

When we send to the United States, the price of the products is exclusive of French tax.

For example, the essential oil of fine lavender 250ml costs 220 € in France, when it is sent to countries outside the European Union, the price is 183.33 €.

We must add the shipping costs which are 55 € by the Fedex carrier.


When the package arrives in the US, US customs may ask you to pay US VAT + customs tax.


 "sales tax" are set by each state, the indications that we have in France are between 0% and 9% depending on the American states.


For customs clearance, we do not have precise information, but depending on the product it can range between 0 and 10%

All taxes are requested by the Fedex carrier.

Sometimes packages are cleared customs without paying tax. It all depends on the customs offices in each state.


We apologize for not being able to be more specific.

Our North American customers tell us that as the product is exempt from French tax, the price compensates for customs clearance costs.